Increase the value of your property through home improvements

Did you know home improvements are the most common reason for remortgaging property?

Remortgaging for home improvements means increasing your mortgage advance to cover the cost of property improvements; for example, updating your kitchen, installing home security, or laying new flooring. As long as you add value to the asset, the mortgage lender will hold its loan.

However, it's worth noting that large improvements (such as an extension or loft conversions) require planning permission. Many lenders view this as high risk, so you must gain consent from your mortgage lender before beginning your work.

Which home improvements increase property value?

Research from GoCompare Home Insurance has identified the most profitable home improvements for UK homeowners. The study found the installation of boilers, central heating and home security systems to be the most valuable; on the other hand, the cost of updating bathrooms or kitchens generally outweighs any potential profit.

GoCompare created a 'Property Investment Calculator' to highlight what work adds value to your home. The results were very revealing. A new boiler, double glazing and central heating created 4% more value, whilst knocking through rooms and kitchen renovations added 2%. Not far behind were garden makeovers and new bathrooms, as well as painting and decorating, with 1% additional value.

However, while new flooring neither added nor lost value, the GoCompare research found solar panel installation contributed a surprising 2% loss of property value!

26% of home renovations are performed to boost property value.

In fact, according to data from the renovation website Houzz, the average UK homeowner spends £19,640 on home renovations before they put their home on the market.

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