Home ownership is a long-term commitment and it’s likely you’ll need to review your mortgage arrangements several times along the way. When your current mortgage deal is coming to an end, you’ll need to look for your next deal, known as a remortgage, where you refinance your existing borrowing either with the same lender or move to another one. You may also want to borrow more for some home improvements or to consolidate your debts.

Whatever the reason, our team of independent experts at Vincent Burch Mortgage Services can match your needs to the best remortgage deals available.


Switch Lenders or Stick with your Existing one?

Remortgaging is a good time to take a closer look at your circumstances and to find a deal that’s a better fit for your finances. However, before making the decision to switch, it’s worth considering the following:

  • Early repayment fees – is there a cost attached to leaving your existing mortgage and how much will it be
  • Repayment priorities – are you looking for lower monthly mortgage payments or do you want to repay the mortgage sooner
  • Credit history and criteria – when you remortgage, a new lender will check your credit score, want proof of income and see if you match their lending criteria before making an offer
  • Amount you can borrow – use our remortgage calculator to help you to ascertain how much you can borrow and what your monthly payments might be
  • Fee-free or upfront fees – you can secure a lower rate of interest with a deal where you pay an upfront fee usually in the region of £995. Whether it’s worth it depends on the size and term of your loan

Remortgage with Confidence 

Our friendly team of specialists will listen to your needs and give you open, honest advice. If we think you’d be better off staying with your existing lender, then we’ll tell you – we may even be able to arrange a cheaper mortgage with them. Whether you’re moving, looking for a better rate or want to release equity we’ll search a wide range of lenders and find the best remortgage rates for your plans. 

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