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With the impending EPC changes coming in 2025 and 2028, lenders are already offering attractive incentives on ‘Green’ mortgage products to property investors.

Whether you are purchasing or remortgaging a property, if it has an EPC rating of A – C you may be eligible for a more attractive % rate, a cashback offer, or more favourable terms.*

These benefits should encourage landlords to bring their properties EPC rating up to the minimum standard before the initial deadline.


Why is a property EPC rating so important?

Fines of up to £30,000 have been purported for any BTL properties that do not meet the minimum EPC rating of C by the deadline. In addition when refinancing it could mean that mortgage rates available are not as favourable as those for A – C EPC rated properties.

Our whole of market status means that not only do we have access to typical high street banks, we also enjoy established relationships with specialist lenders.

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