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Operating a buy-to-let as a limited company has increased in popularity since 2017 when the Government began reducing tax relief for individual property investors. Limited company landlords are able to claim 100% mortgage interest relief and also benefit from the lower rates of Corporation Tax paid on profits compared to Income Tax paid on earnings generated from rental income.

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Can a Limited Company Take Out a Mortgage?

Yes, however the company must be set-up as one of the following:

  • Special Payment Vehicle (SPV) – a company created for a specific purpose, in this instance for the purchase and management of Buy to Let properties.
  • Trading Company – typically an existing company looking to invest in a Buy to Let property to add to a current portfolio of assets.

If you’re thinking of incorporating an existing Buy to Let property into a new limited company, we recommend you speak to an experienced tax adviser before making any decisions. Our partners at GetGround are offering all Vincent Burch clients and enquiries a free consultation – find out more here.

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Our independent team of brokers at Vincent Burch Mortgage Services have access to the best limited company mortgage rates on the market, from a range of specialist lenders. We have experience in finding buy-to-let limited company mortgages for SPV and trading companies as well as private individuals seeking to transfer an existing rental property into a limited company set-up.

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LTD Company Mortgage Advice – Frequently Asked Questions

Can I get a mortgage as a limited company?

Yes, it is possible to get a mortgage as a limited company. These mortgages can start from around 85% LTV but are usually transacted at 75% LTV. Mortgage rates will vary and can be offered at both fixed and variable rates, this will depend on your deposit and credibility of your limited company when applying. 

Does a Ltd company pay stamp duty?

If you purchase a residential dwelling, then usual stamp duty is payable in the same way as if you purchased in your own name.  If the property is the first property that the Company owns, it is still usually treated as under second residential property for Stamp Duty purposes.  However, if you purchase a commercial or mixed-use property then stamp duty is not payable.

Can a limited company buy a house to let?

Yes, a limited company can purchase buy-to-let property – the mortgage can be either full capital & repayment, or interest only.  Interest only is most peoples preferred option for buy to let mortgages, which means you only have to pay the interest amount each month.  However, just paying the interest only amount means you are not paying back the mortgage balance at the end of the term.

Why buy a house through a limited company?

The main reason for purchasing a property via a limited company is due to tax efficiency. As a higher-rate taxpayer letting a property as a private individual, you pay as much as 45% tax on your rental income, and you cannot offset the mortgage costs against the rental income for tax purposes in your own name.  

Please ensure you speak with an accountant who is qualified to give you tax advice, for your circumstance.