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Everything to know about buildings and contents insurance

What is buildings and contents insurance?

Simply put, buildings insurance protects the structure of your home (fixtures and fittings), while contents insurance covers your belongings. Combined buildings and contents cover is only suitable for those who own the freehold of their homes; however, if you only rent or own the lease, buildings cover should be handled by your managing agent or freeholder.

Contents insurance (also known as home contents insurance) helps to protect the contents of your home should they get lost, damaged or stolen. It also protects your valuable possessions from damage caused by events outside your control; for example, fire, storms, or floods.

What does home contents insurance cover?

As we mentioned above, contents insurance covers your personal belongings. This includes your furniture, clothing, devices (such as your television or laptop) or jewellery. However, more valuable items, such as computers or music equipment, often fall outside standard cover. Therefore, it may be sensible to insure them separately. You can also choose to cover fixtures under contents insurance rather than building insurance, be it rugs, carpets or curtains.

At Vincent Burch, we provide insurance recommendations for:

✓ Standard Residential Buildings & Contents policies
✓ Non-standard construction or structural defects
✓ High net-worth earner
✓ Working from home

As advisers, we search and compare the market from all our leading insurance providers to obtain your buildings and contents insurance quote. What's more, we will complete all the necessary forms and can have your policy put on risk within minutes.

Our advisers obtain quotes from providers who do not use comparison websites. We don’t just ‘compare the market’, then send you off to the insurers or another third party; instead, we quote and advise on the best building and contents policy, and then complete the paperwork for you.

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